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  1. Don’t listen to her. This isn’t even her maiartel. Some bros in some college are systematically ripping off David DeAngelo’s fraudulent PUA maiartel and getting her to read it. I bet they’ll announce bootcamps and $2000 seminars once they get a big enough youtube following.Women are actually simpler than this video makes out. If they like your looks, they’ll want to find out what your personality’s like. If they like that too, then they’ll fuck you. The end. Fuck all this DHV, neg, pua shit.

  2. I found just what I was needed, and it was entertaining!

  3. You couldn’t pay me to ignore these posts!

  4. I have read many books about relationships and dtniag, but the Tao of Dating is one of a kind, so different and mind-blowing in its common sense and simplicity that is impossible to put it down once you start reading. To be honest, I can’t understand why there aren’t 200 reviews instead of the poor thirty something that can be found here. I am one of those intellectual reserved witty girly women with a very powerful male side. I have always known and explicitly said so to my friends. In fact there are many men, even hot men, who are keen on me, but it takes three seconds for me to destroy their interest. It is very sad and depressing. So I have convinced myself that I am a pain in the ass, and I think I have been sending that vibe out there. However, after reading this book, many things have become crystal clear to me. I am very rational and very sceptical about everything, but above all love. I few years ago I noticed that my patterns of behaviour were wrong with men, I was being hurt and left alone, despite how worthy I am, so I started to change, and self-help books were very helpful. They are cheaper than a counsellor to start with. However, most of them seem to say the same. I mean, look your best, act girly, don’t hunt men, be mysterious, have a good conversation, be happy with yourself, be yourself. I have been already doing so for ages without result! Being myself has been hurting me emotionally, so how do change, still being myself, to have a fulfilling relationship? It is by chance that I came through the Tao of Dating and I purchased it. One of those days that you feel like pressing too often the buy with one-click button for kindle, or any online shopping button, just because it is, well, one click. I am not a religious person at all or into new age mumbo-jumbo, so this would have never been, in theory, my first option nor the book I was looking for. Moreover, being as rational as I am, I thought, jeez just 35 reviews is not much for a dtniag book!But, alas, here I am, so very much impressed and affected by this book. In fact, the book has already produced a mental shift in me, an internal one. This is so because it makes sense, and most importantly, empowers me as a woman. I love the fact that the book is written by a man who loves and respects women, clever women specially, and understands we are wired differently from other women. Besides, most of the NLP exercises he proposes are excellent, very fulfilling and enjoyable per se, so even if they don’t help us to find a man, they will still be cool to do. The sort of exercise that I/you could do to get rid of stress, for example.The main difference between this book and most of the dtniag literature out there is that The Tao of Dating goes inside our head and your heart and helps you to unlock those doors that, without we knowing, we alone have locked. If they were unlocked, more good men would be approaching us and, we would see more of them immediately approaching. Most clever career/intellectual women, the ones still single, are emotionally autistic. I have always recognised that and asked myself, where are the clues? How do I send clues? How do I read clues from/to men? Why despite my talent, mystique and femininity I am single? Why aren’t a bunch of hot men at my feet? This book helps you to understand yourself/myself better and to change within, to bring the best of us, still being us, Mary, Josephine, Alissa or whomever you are. This is the book that any good woman, with brains (or without) should read because, no matter what, it will produce a better version of yourself. To me, just that, is priceless.